Historic References

The Institute of Biomedical Chemistry (former Institute of Biological and Medical Chemistry) was founded in 1944 on the basis of Departments of Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine. Many distinguished Soviet biochemists making substantial contribution to this scientific field were involved into formation of this Institute: J. Parnas, V. Orekhovich, A. Braunstein, M. Shemyakin, S. Severin, N.Yudaev, S.Mardashev. Professor J. Parnas was the first director in 1944-1948. After a short period of directorship by Academician S. Severin, during subsequent forty years (1949-1989) the Institute was directed by Academician V. Okerkhovich. In recognition of his contribution to the development of this Institute it was named after Orekhovich in 1999. Since 1989 the Institute is directed by Academician Alexander Archakov.

Many outstanding Soviet scientists were working in this Institute: academicians A.Braunstein, M.Shemyakin, V.Rodionov, N.Yudaev, S.Mardashev, T.Berezov, corresponding members of RAMS V.Gorkin, B.Korovkin, I.Votrin, professors S.Kaplansky, T.Paskhina, G.Rosenfeld, V. Shpikiter, V.Tongur, etc. In 1961 Shemyakin’s laboratory was transformed into the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Compounds now known as Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of RAS. Yudaev’s Laboratory was then transformed into the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Chemistry of Hormones, which is now a subdivision of the Endocrinological Research Center of RAMS. Braunstein’s laboratory was transformed into the Department of Chemical Basis of Biocatalysis at the Institute of Molecular Biology of RAS. Mardashev’s laboratory was a basis for the Institute of Medical Enzymology which was “fused” with the parent Institute in 1989.

Modern Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of RAMS is a productive research organization that consists of the Proteomic Department, the Bioinformatics Department and Research Laboratories. Director of the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry is a distinguished scientist, Academician of RAMS, member of the European Academy of Sciences. Results of studies by A.Archakov and his colleagues were awarded by State Prizes of the USSR, RSFSR, Russian Federation. Institute is a basis of the first “Proteomic Research Center and Shared Data Center” organized in Russia, scientific journal Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya (“Biomedical Chemistry”) (former Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii). It is an Educational Center for Students and Ph D students.